Perfect Pitch Gemstone Fusion Clear Quartz 7 Chakra Set 8-12" #Set1000

# set1000
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Perfect Pitch Gemstone Fusion Clear Quartz 7 Chakra Set 8-12" #Set1000


Perfect Pitch Seven Chakra Gemstone Fusion Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Set


8" Carnelian D Sacral Chakra

10" Obsidian C Root Chakra

9" Ametrine B Crown Chakra

12" Peridot F Heart Chakra

6" Blue Tourmaline A Third Eye Chakra

7" Citrine E Solar Plexus Chakra

11" Aquamarine G Throat Chakra


Take your meditation, healing and relaxation experiences to a whole new level with a full gemstone infused chakra crystal singing bowl set! Each bowl is tuned to a specific chakra center.

They come with a free o-ring and leather striker for each bowl. Brand New highest quality pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Set. The sound is pure and relaxing. Excellent for meditation and healing. These are not used or factory second items. This set has a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our bowls have a unique subtle beauty and are constructed of only the finest crystal quartz. The bowls make a fabulous conversation piece and add to any decor. .

Each Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl is crafted to be sturdy and durable. They also vary in pitch, ranging from high and clear to deep and soothing. Generally, the larger the bowl, the longer the sound will reverberate and the lower the pitch will be. Please visit for more information on Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls




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