Hand Hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl 14"

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Hand Hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl 14"


14" wide and ranging from 5" in height(approximate)

4100 gram weight (approximate) may vary as each bowl is a hand made product

The sound file and pictures above are typical of a bowl this size, the bowl you receive may vary from this as they are only examples.

Each bowl includes a striker tool and a cushion similar to the ones show in photo.

The bowls are priced based on weight, size, and condition. The larger or heavier the bowl, the higher the price. Also, please note that all of these bowls are left in their original imported condition. These particular bowls are being sold at a discount as they don't go through our normal process of tuning, individual soundfile recording and individual picture, thus allowing us to save time and save you money.



Price: $1025.00