Blue Flourite Theta Crystal Singing Bowl 2pc Set #set991

# set991
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Blue Flourite Theta Crystal Singing Bowl 2pc Set #set991

8-9" Blue Flourite Fusion A/G# Note Theta Frequency Crystal Singing Bowl 2pc Set #set991

This 2-piece Blue Flourite Fusion Singing Bowl set includes 2 bowls that are 7 Hz apart from each other in frequency. Playing the two bowls simultaneously produces a powerful binaural effect, as the frequencies bounce off of each other at the rate of Theta Frequency Brainwaves, acting as a guide for better aligning the Theta brainwaves.


Theta (4-8 Hz)

Theta waves, can be a very helpful and powerful brainwave, when at an optimal frequency. Theta waves are often involved with intuition, creativity, as well as camaraderie, communion, and connection.

Too much theta activity can lead to impulsive manners, bouts of depression, and often can be referred to as a somewhat hypnotic state, allowing the individual to be easily persuaded.

Too little theta activity can cause the individual to lose a sense of their emotions, as well as increase anxiety.


Bowls included:

Opaque G# Note Blue Flourite Fusion Crystal Singing Bowl 8" #fl8gsp5 11000731

Octave: 3   Rim Thickness: 2 mm   Frequency: 207.7 Hz


5.7 Hz = Theta Frequency


Clear Quartz A# Note Crystal Singing Bowl 7" #cc7asp30 33000754

Octave: 3   Rim Thickness: 3.4 mm   Frequency: 214.7 Hz


This Clear Quartz Crystal Singing bowl set comes with one free O-ring, and one Suede wrapped striker tool per bowl.

The sound samples are of the actual bowls.

More Information on Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma waves:


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