4.75" Beta Wave "Flutter Bowl" Himalayan Singing Bowl 2pc Set #himalayanset59

# tibetanset59

4.75" Beta Wave "Flutter Bowl" Tibetan Singing Bowl 2pc Set #tibetanset59

Size: 4.75"

Weight: 320 grams to 418 grams

This set of Hand Hammered Tibetan singing bowls includes 2 notes which are approximately 17 Hz apart.

When played together, this set produces a powerful Beta wave effect.

Both bowls also produce 2 notes on their own, creating a "flutter" effect with each strike.

The set sound file was recorded using a Zen Red Felt Striking Tool(sku: zenredfelt)


Bowls Included:

4.75" G# Note Himalayan Singing Bowl #a418

Strike Note: G#   Note Octave: 4   Note Frequency: 426 Hz  

Weight: 418 g   Rim Thickness: 2.8 mm


17 Hz Difference = Beta Wave Frequency


4.75" A Note Himalayan Singing Bowl #a320

Strike Note: A   Note Octave: 4   Note Frequency: 443 Hz  

Weight: 320 g   Rim Thickness: 2.2 mm



The sound samples and pictures are of the actual bowls.

The pillows matched with each bowl are included, as well as a Red Zen Felt Striker tool and a TL97 Wood/Suede Striker, at least one of each striker per bowl.