440Hz 9-Note Aeolian Mode Zen Pan Drum #zenpan

# zenpan
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440Hz 9-Note Aeolian Mode Zen Pan Drum #zenpan

440Hz 9-Note Aeolian Mode Zen Pan Drum #zenpan

Weight: 4300 grams

Size: 22" diameter x 10.5" height

This magnificent hand-played drum is lightweight, easy to transport, and musical to the touch.

A light slap over the indentation will produce the harmonic and buoyant tones.

All notes on the Zen Pan are perfect in pitch with 440 Hz Tuning.

There are 9 notes on The Zen Pan.

The very lowest note is a 3rd octave D Note.

Following in ascending order is an Aeolian scale in the key of A. (A-A#-C-D-E-F-G-A)

This scale holds a very melodically dramatic progression, and is captivating when even the slightest rhythms is played.

The Zen Pan Drum includes a snug carrying case for transporting or storing the drum.

The case features a magnificent design atop the outside, as well as a carrying handle and 2 backpack straps.

Price: $2999.99